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CT scans of coral skeletons reveal ocean acidity increases reef erosion

Posted by External 25 days ago General — For coral reefs to persist, rates of reef construction must exceed reef breakdown. Prior research has largely focused on the negative impacts of ocean acidification on reef growth, but new research demonstrates that lower ocean pH also enhances reef breakdown: a double-whammy for coral reefs in a changing climate. Read More
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Asteroid’s Amazing Travels Could Reveal Solar System’s Secrets | Video

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Male Sexual Aggression: What Chimps Can Reveal About People

Posted by External 36 days ago General — Male chimpanzees who are meaner to females tend to sire more offspring, which could have implications for the roots of gender violence in humans. Read More
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11,500 Year-Old Child Skeletons Reveal Death Rituals | Excavation Video

Posted by External 40 days ago General — The skeletons of two infants were found at the Upward Sun River site in central Alaska. They were found beneath the remains of a 3-year-old child that was cremated. Read More
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Rare 2.5-billion-year-old rocks reveal hot spot of sulfur-breathing bacteria: Sulfur-dependent life forms thrived in oceans

Posted by External 43 days ago General — Biogeochemical signals in 2.5-billion-year-old carbonate rocks from Brazil reveal that sulfur-consuming bacteria were active at a time when ocean sulfur levels were low. Geologists focused on sulfur isotopes in ancient carbonate rocks. The study sheds light on Earth's early atmospheric chemistry. Read More
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Teeth, sex and testosterone reveal secrets of aging in wild mouse lemurs

Posted by External 47 days ago General — Mouse lemurs can live at least eight years in the wild -- twice as long as some previous estimates, a long-term longitudinal study finds. Read More
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Ancient Human Skulls Reveal When Europeans Could Drink Milk

Posted by External 60 days ago General — The DNA from 13 ancient humans reveals the evolution of lighter skin and lactose tolerance. The skeletons were found in archaeological burial sites unearthed during highway construction in the Great Hungarian Plain in Central Europe. Read More
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Microfossils reveal warm oceans had less oxygen

Posted by External 65 days ago General — Researchers are pairing chemical analyses with micropaleontology -- the study of tiny fossilized organisms -- to better understand how global marine life was affected by a rapid warming event more than 55 million years ago. Their findings are the subject of an article in the journal Paleoceanography. Read More
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