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Photos: Ancient Greek Burials Reveal Fear of the Dead

Posted by External 4 days ago General — The ancient Greeks sometimes placed heavy objects, such as rocks and ceramic vessels, on the bodies of people they feared to be revenants, or the living dead. Read More
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Shark-Mounted Cameras Reveal Predators' Deep-Sea Secrets

Posted by External 5 days ago General — In a first-of-its-kind project using cameras mounted onto the fins of deep-sea sharks, researchers have made surprising discoveries about what keeps these mysterious creatures afloat. Read More
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X-Ray Laser Reveal Ultra-Fast Molecular Changes | Video

Posted by External 6 days ago General — Imagine your video camera shooting at a frame-rate in the quadrillionths of a second. Read More
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Dissolving Sea Stars Reveal a Damaged Ocean

Posted by External 22 days ago General — Sea star wasting disease is just one more harbinger of weakened oceans. Read More
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Earthquakes reveal deep secrets beneath East Asia

Posted by External 44 days ago General — A new supercomputer model combined earthquake data to create 3-D tomographic images to depths of 900 km, or 560 miles below East Asia. Notable features found include a high velocity structure beneath Tibetan Plateau; and a deep mantle upwelling under Hangai dome in Mongolia.This research could help find hidden hydrocarbon resources and explore deep structures elsewhere. Read More
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Million-Year-Old Bubbles Reveal Antarctica's Oldest Climate Snapshot

Posted by External 48 days ago General — Timeworn Antarctica ice suggests a strong link between carbon dioxide levels and glacial cycles for the past million years. Read More
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Bawdy Bard: Shakespeare Play's Lost Lines Reveal Sexual Mocking

Posted by External 54 days ago General — A lost section of "Love's Labour's Lost," a comedy written by William Shakespeare, has been rediscovered, revealing a song mocking the sexual inadequacy of one of the play's male characters. Read More
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Stegosaurus' Bony Plates May Reveal Dino's Sex

Posted by External 67 days ago General — The plates of the Stegosaurus — the large, bony discs that lined the dinosaur's neck, back and tail in two staggered rows — may have differed between males and females, a new study finds. Read More
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