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Winter feast: Camera trap offers a candid look at Idaho's scavengers

Posted by External 75 days ago General — A research wildlife biologists have created a series of motion-sensitive camera traps to monitor golden eagle migration and distribution in southwest Idaho. Read More
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Long-term picture offers little solace on climate change

Posted by External 79 days ago General — Climate change projections that look ahead one or two centuries show a rapid rise in temperature and sea level, but say little about the longer picture. A new looks at the next 10,000 years, and finds that the catastrophic impact of another three centuries of carbon pollution will persist millennia after the carbon dioxide releases cease. Read More
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How could climate change affect typhoons, hurricanes and tropical storms and is it possible to calculate this impact? Professor Myles Allen offers some answers in today's Guardian.

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Intact nature offers best defense against climate change

Posted by External 89 days ago General — Worldwide responses to climate change could leave people worse off in the future according to a recent study. The paper discusses how certain adaptation strategies may have a negative impact on nature which in turn will impact people in the long-term. Read More
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Weed blasting offers new control method for organic farmers

Posted by External 95 days ago General — Weeds are a major scourge for organic growers, who often must invest in multiple control methods to protect crop yields. A relatively new weed control method known as abrasive weeding, or 'weed blasting,' could give organic growers another tool. The method, recently field-tested, is surprisingly effective. Read More
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REDD+ on the ground: New book offers insights, lessons from across the tropics

Posted by External 101 days ago General — Research from Dr Rich Grenyer and colleagues shows that minimising the loss of rainforest in Indonesia could reduce global carbon emissions and prevent species extinctions at the same time - but only if we have more detailed knowledge both of carbon stocks and the distribution of biodiversity. 05/12/14 5 Dec 2014 - Read More
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Twins Study Offers Clues to Genetic Risk of Cancer

Posted by External 113 days ago General — A new study of twins holds clues about how much of people's cancer risk is genetic, and how much comes from the environment. Read More
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