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Ban on microbeads offers best chance to protect oceans, aquatic species

Posted by External 16 days ago General — An outright ban on the common use of plastic 'microbeads' from products that enter wastewater is the best way to protect water quality, wildlife, and resources used by people, a group of conservation scientists suggest in a new analysis. Read More
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NASA Contest Offers $25,000 for Earthquake Detection Ideas

Posted by External 57 days ago General — NASA needs your help to bolster current earthquake detection technologies, and they’re offering $25,000 to the team that develops the best way to detect an oncoming quake. Read More
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Trial by fire: Wildfire fighting offers lessons in performing well in unpredictable situations

Posted by External 76 days ago General — As continued drought and unusually high temperatures raise alarm over the severity of this year’s wildfire season in western states, a researcher’s study of wildland firefighting has uncovered lessons in performing under uncertainty that should benefit workers in a variety of contexts. Read More
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New luminescence method offers opportunities for geothermal energy

Posted by External 97 days ago General — Rocks store information about the temperatures that they have experienced. Now, for the first time, researchers have developed a method that reveals low-temperature information (from 35 °C and higher) on a relatively short timescale of thousands of years. The new method might find application in locating geothermal reservoirs and in maintaining underground tunnels. Read More
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Technology offers a bird’s-eye view on how foreclosure affects the landscape

Posted by External 120 days ago General — Contrary to popular belief, foreclosed properties do not always lead to unkempt lawns. Researchers used remote sensing technology to observe rapid change in U.S. urban settings, specifically homes in Maricopa County, Arizona, that foreclosed over about a 10-year period. Read More
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Doctors' Group Offers Screening Advice for 5 Cancers

Posted by External 141 days ago General — A leading U.S. physicians' group has distilled all the advice about cancer screenings. Here is their guidance for adults about getting screened for five common cancers. Read More
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Cellular communication offers easy fog detection for roads and runways

Posted by External 223 days ago General — Thick fogbanks can blanket open roads and runways and dramatically reduce visibility -- often causing devastating accidents. A new study suggests that a practical solution to fog detection can be found in cellular communication networks already in place all over the world. Read More
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Next-generation sequencing offers insight into how species adapt to climate change

Posted by External 258 days ago General — Next-generation sequencing allows for the creation and analysis of vast amounts of data about populations and their responses to shifting environmental conditions, including climate change. These data can provide fine-scale information at the genomic level into populations' adaptations to changing circumstances. Despite the potential usefulness of next-generation sequencing for environmental scie Read More
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