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Chemical analysis of ancient rocks reveals earliest record yet of Earth's atmosphere: Isotopic memory of atmospheric persistence

Posted by External 14 days ago General — Chemical analysis of some of the world's oldest rocks has provided the earliest record yet of Earth's atmosphere. The results show that the air 4 billion years ago was very similar to that more than a billion years later, when the atmosphere -- though it likely would have been lethal to oxygen-dependent humans -- supported a thriving microbial biosphere that ultimately gave rise to the diversity Read More
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Late-Night Meals May Interfere with Memory, Research Suggests

Posted by External 66 days ago General — The hectic pace of modern life means that people are often eating at odd times of the day and night, and these shifted schedules could be taking a toll on memory, new research suggests. Read More
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Trans Fats May Hurt Memory

Posted by External 70 days ago General — It might be difficult to carefully avoid all of the tasty foods that contain harmful trans fats, but now there's one more reason to try: A new study shows that this type of fat may damage memory in young people. Read More
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Vitamin B Supplements Don't Benefit Memory, Study Finds

Posted by External 78 days ago General — Taking vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements may not reduce the risk of developing memory and thinking problems in older people, a new study finds. Read More
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Cholesterol-Lowing Drug Reverses Memory Deficit in Mice

Posted by External 80 days ago General — A statin drug which is taken by millions of Americans to lower their cholesterol level may also reverse certain types of learning deficits, according to a new study in mice. Read More
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Anesthesia-Related Memory Loss Lasts Days, Study Warns

Posted by External 87 days ago General — People who are put under general anesthesia may wind up with memory and cognitive deficits for days or weeks after surgery. But now, a new study in mice reveals a possible way to reverse the ill effects of anesthesia drugs on memory. Read More
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Cocoa Compound Staves Off Memory Loss

Posted by External 94 days ago General — Compounds called flavanols, which are found in cocoa beans may reverse the normal age-related memory decline that is normally seen in healthy older adults, researchers say. Read More
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Mind Maze: How Your Memory Deceives You

Posted by External 96 days ago General — Sci-fi loves to mess with memory, but memory misleads in real life, too. Read More
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