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Memory Improvement tips

Posted by lbo489 10 days ago Global Warming — Some other good Memory Improvement tips comprise viewing "quiz-kind" sport shows on TV, and studying strategy games for example chess, pieces, dominoes, or cribbage. A quite fun approach to pass the time having a close friend or spouse, and really each of those games are affordable, easy to master. And of course, while you're playing and having fun, you might be providing your brain some fabulous Read More
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Cancer drug found to sharpen memory, potential for Alzheimer's treatment

Posted by External 59 days ago General — Can you imagine a drug that would make it easier to learn a language, sharpen your memory and help those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by rewiring the brain and keeping neurons alive?People with a dementia such as Alzheimer's disease lose their memory when brain cells shrink and die because connections can no longer transfer information.New Rutgers research published in the Journal Read More
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Alzheimer's Risk: Women with Memory Problems Decline Faster Than Men

Posted by External 132 days ago General — Elderly women are more likely than elderly men to develop Alzheimer's disease, even when they are exposed to some of the same risk factors, two new studies find. Read More
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Trans Fat May Impair Memory

Posted by External 166 days ago General — Even as a new rule will force food companies to stop adding trans fat to food, research continues to show the negative effects of trans fat on health. Read More
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Making Sense of Scents: Why Odors Spark Memory (Podcast)

Posted by External 227 days ago General — What makes scent such a powerful tool to "transport" you back in time? Read More
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155 Pi Digits Recited From Memory - How Many Do You Know? | Video

Posted by External 262 days ago General — National Science Foundation (NSF) mathematician Tom Russell recites a long string of the irrational number. Several others at the NSF's Program Staff had a go at the number from memory as well. Read More
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Decreases in short-term memory, IQ, and altered brain metabolic ratios in urban apolipoprotein ?4 children exposed to air pollution

Posted by External 300 days ago General — A new study heightens concerns over the detrimental impact of the apolipoprotein E (APOE) ?4 allele -- the most prevalent genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease -- upon cognition, olfaction, and metabolic brain indices in healthy urban children and teens. Read More
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Chemical analysis of ancient rocks reveals earliest record yet of Earth's atmosphere: Isotopic memory of atmospheric persistence

Posted by External 319 days ago General — Chemical analysis of some of the world's oldest rocks has provided the earliest record yet of Earth's atmosphere. The results show that the air 4 billion years ago was very similar to that more than a billion years later, when the atmosphere -- though it likely would have been lethal to oxygen-dependent humans -- supported a thriving microbial biosphere that ultimately gave rise to the diversity Read More
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