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Many Ads in Parenting Magazines Show Unsafe Practices for Kids

Posted by External 36 days ago General — The heartwarming images in parenting magazines often show examples of what parents should not do. Read More
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Many Kids with Mental Health Issues See Only Pediatricians

Posted by External 47 days ago General — More children with mental health conditions are being treated by their pediatricians than by psychiatrists or psychologists, a new study reports. Read More
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More Kids Are Getting Ear Surgery to Avoid Being Bullied

Posted by External 47 days ago General — A young boy's plastic surgery had some parents alarmed. Read More
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Destined for Glasses? Firstborn Kids More Likely Nearsighted

Posted by External 48 days ago General — Firstborn children may have a slightly higher risk of becoming nearsighted, new research suggests. Read More
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9 Million US Kids at Risk for Measles

Posted by External 51 days ago General — About 9 million U.S. children are susceptible to measles, either because they haven't received the vaccine against the viral disease or because they aren't up to date with their shots. Read More
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OxyContin Approved for Kids, Worrying Doctors

Posted by External 53 days ago General — The challenges of treating chronic pain in kids and the use of medication. Read More
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Oregon Mass Shooting: How to Talk to Kids About Violence

Posted by External 57 days ago General — Parents face a tricky task when talking to kids about violence: not hiding scary news, while ensuring their kids feel safe and protected, experts say. Read More
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Vaccines May Protect Kids Against Strokes, Too

Posted by External 59 days ago General — Scientists have found yet another reason to vaccinate their children: Keeping up with immunizations may reduce the risk of childhood stroke, according to a new study. Read More
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