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Do Your Kids' Brown-Bag Lunches Have Enough Calcium?

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — Kids' lunches may lack one important nutrient: calcium. Here are some ideas for getting more calcium into a brown-bag lunch. Read More
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Flu Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get the Nasal Spray?

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — In a new recommendation this flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the nasal spray is the preferred flu vaccine for kids ages 2 to 8. Here's what you need to know. Read More
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Flu Shot Rate Up in Kids, But Adults Fall Short on Vaccination

Posted by External 1 day 7 hours ago General — More U.S. children and adults are getting vaccinated against the flu, but public health officials say there's room for improvement in vaccination rates. Read More
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Thousands of Kids Hospitalized Every Year After Ingesting Parents' Meds

Posted by External 4 days ago General — Every year, more than 34,000 U.S. children go to the emergency room for accidentally ingesting prescription drugs such as opioid painkillers and anti-anxiety pills, and about 9,500 of these kids get hospitalized, a new study estimates. Read More
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7 Awesome Discoveries Made by Kids

Posted by External 17 days ago General — These seven kids prove that grown-ups aren't the only ones who can discover cool stuff. Read More
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Does Kids' Sipping a Parent's Drink Harm Them?

Posted by External 23 days ago General — A young child's sipping or tasting alcohol may not be an early signal that they will have drinking problems or behavior problems later. Rather, sipping may reflect their parents' attitudes toward children drinking alcohol, according to a new study. Read More
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Kids' Responses to Infections Linked with Depression Risk

Posted by External 37 days ago General — Kids with immune systems that react strongly to infections could have a higher risk of depression, a new study suggests. Read More
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Preventing Kids' Concussion is About Duty of Care, Not Cotton Wool (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 82 days ago General — Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries which cause the connections between brain cells to stretch or break. Read More
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