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Most Parents Agree All Kids in Day Care Should Be Vaccinated

Posted by External 34 days ago General — About three quarters of parents would consider removing their child from a day care center where some of the other kids were unvaccinated, a new survey found. Read More
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Kids Gift Ideas: Best Educational Toys and Games of 2014

Posted by External 37 days ago General — Here's a gift guide for children who can't get enough science. We waded into toy land and found wacky science labs, strategy-filled games and stargazing sets, many for $30 or less. We hope you find an educational gift that sets your tiny scientist abuzz. Read More
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Prenatal Air Pollution Levels Linked to ADHD in Kids

Posted by External 46 days ago General — Kids may be more likely to develop ADHD if they are exposed to higher levels of air pollution before birth, a new study suggests. Read More
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Deaths May Be Linked with Enterovirus: Why Some Kids Recover, Others Don't

Posted by External 78 days ago General — A child in Rhode Island passed away last week after having complications with the enterovirus D68, according to a report from the Rhode Island Department of Health. The virus has sickened hundreds of people across the United States. Read More
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Do Your Kids' Brown-Bag Lunches Have Enough Calcium?

Posted by External 93 days ago General — Kids' lunches may lack one important nutrient: calcium. Here are some ideas for getting more calcium into a brown-bag lunch. Read More
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Flu Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get the Nasal Spray?

Posted by External 93 days ago General — In a new recommendation this flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the nasal spray is the preferred flu vaccine for kids ages 2 to 8. Here's what you need to know. Read More
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Flu Shot Rate Up in Kids, But Adults Fall Short on Vaccination

Posted by External 94 days ago General — More U.S. children and adults are getting vaccinated against the flu, but public health officials say there's room for improvement in vaccination rates. Read More
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Thousands of Kids Hospitalized Every Year After Ingesting Parents' Meds

Posted by External 97 days ago General — Every year, more than 34,000 U.S. children go to the emergency room for accidentally ingesting prescription drugs such as opioid painkillers and anti-anxiety pills, and about 9,500 of these kids get hospitalized, a new study estimates. Read More
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