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Kids with Autism Are More Likely to Have Gastrointestinal Problems

Posted by External 2 days ago General — Children with autism may be more likely to have gastrointestinal symptoms early in life, compared to children without the condition, a new study suggests. Read More
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XBox Tech Helps Muscular Dystrophy Kids| Video

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With Kinect, Kids May Clinch Clinical Trials (Essay)

Posted by External 6 days ago General — How do you get kids into clinical trials when the restrictions stack against them? An Xbox Kinect can help. Read More
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Kids Whose Ears Stick Out Are Cuter, Science Confirms

Posted by External 6 days ago General — It's rough out there for kids whose ears stick out. Read More
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'Twixed' and 'Munchy'? Candylike Marijuana Could Endanger Kids

Posted by External 16 days ago General — New edible marijuana products, which can now be bought legally in some U.S. states, pose health concerns, especially for children, researchers argue. Read More
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L.A. story: Cleaner air, healthier kids

Posted by External 22 days ago General — A 20-year study shows that decreasing air pollution in Los Angeles has led to healthier lungs for millennials when compared to children in the '90s. The gains in lung function paralleled improving air quality in the communities studied, and across the Los Angeles basin, as policies to fight pollution took hold. Read More
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Cleaner Air Really Does Improve Kids' Lung Health

Posted by External 23 days ago General — In California, tougher rules about air pollution are linked with better lung health in children, a large new study finds. Read More
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Kids Get Flu Every 2 Years, Adults Twice a Decade

Posted by External 24 days ago General — Children get the flu more often than adults do, a new study finds. Kids typically catch the flu once every two years, whereas adults over age 30 get the flu about twice a decade, a study of people living in China found. Read More
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