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Medium-Size Asteroid Strike Could Unleash a Mini Ice Age

Posted by External 20 hours ago General — A strike by a medium-size asteroid on land (as opposed to at sea) could cause average global temperatures to plunge to Ice Age levels, and lead to steep drops in precipitation and plant productivity, among other effects, a new study suggests. Read More
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How stable is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet?

Posted by External 20 hours ago General — A future warming of the Southern Ocean caused by rising greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere may severely disrupt the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The result would be a rise in the global sea level by several meters. Read More
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Old trees reveal Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) around 1,500 years ago

Posted by External 1 day 20 hours ago General — A dendroclimatologist and his fellow researchers were able for the first time to precisely reconstruct the summer temperatures in central Asia for the past 2,000 years. This was made possible by new tree-ring measurements from the Altai mountains in Russia. The results complement the climatological history of the European Alps, stretching back 2,500 years, that the research team has published in Read More
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Universtiy of Alaska studies how the melting Greenland glaciers are impacting sea levels

Posted by External 3 days ago General — University of Alaska Fairbanks mathematicians and glaciologists have taken a first step toward understanding how glacier ice flowing off Greenland affects sea levels.Andy Aschwanden, Martin Truffer and Mark Fahnestock used mathematical computer models and field tests to reproduce the flow of 29 inlet glaciers fed by the Greenland ice sheet. They compared their data with data from NASA's Opera Read More
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We congratulate Matthew Gowell (St Anne's) who has been awarded a 'highly commended' award by the British Society for Geomorphology in their annual Marjorie Sweeting award competition for the best geomorphology undergraduate dissertation

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ECI's spin-out company, Pilio, has been shortlisted for a 2014 Ashden Award for excellence in the field of green energy

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DNA evidence uncovers major upheaval in Europe near end of last Ice Age

Posted by External 5 days ago General — DNA evidence lifted from the ancient bones and teeth of people who lived in Europe from the Late Pleistocene to the early Holocene -- spanning almost 30,000 years of European prehistory -- has offered some surprises, according to researchers. Perhaps most notably, the evidence shows a major shift in the population around 14,500 years ago, during a period of severe climatic instability. Read More
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Scientists map movement of Greenland Ice during past 9,000 years

Posted by External 5 days ago General — Scientists have created the first map that shows how the Greenland Ice Sheet has moved over time, revealing that ice in the interior is moving more slowly toward the edges than it has, on average, during the past 9,000 years. Read More
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