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Retreating sea ice linked to changes in ocean circulation, could affect European climate

Posted by External 2 days ago General — Retreating sea ice in the Iceland and Greenland Seas may be changing the circulation of warm and cold water in the Atlantic Ocean, and could ultimately impact the climate in Europe, says a new study. Read More
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Icy Earthquakes: Warming Planet Shakes Up Glaciers

Posted by External 6 days ago General — When large chunks of ice break off of a glacier and plop with a giant splash into the chilly water, the result can be lots of thunderous shaking. Read More
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Sudden shift in 'forcing' led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet

Posted by External 8 days ago General — The massive Laurentide ice sheet that covered Canada during the last ice age initially began shrinking through calving of icebergs, and then abruptly shifted into a new regime where melting on the continent took precedence, ultimately leading to the sheet's demise. This is important, because it may provide a clue to how ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica may respond to a warming climate. Read More
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Alaska glaciers make large contributions to global sea level rise

Posted by External 14 days ago General — Alaska's melting glaciers are adding enough water to the Earth's oceans to cover the state of Alaska with a 1-foot thick layer of water every seven years, a new study shows. Read More
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A third of the world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress

Posted by External 15 days ago General — Two new studies show that civilization is rapidly draining some of its largest groundwater basins, yet there is little to no accurate data about how much water remains in them. Read More
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Biggest Ring Around Saturn Just Got Supersized

Posted by External 18 days ago General — Saturn's giant newfound ring is even larger than previously thought, spanning an area of skynearly 7,000 times larger than Saturn itself, researchers say. Read More
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In Photos: Polar Bears Eat Dolphins Trapped in Ice

Posted by External 18 days ago General — For the first time, scientists have reported polar bears preying on white-beaked dolphins in Svalbard. Check out these stunning photos of the bears and their dolphin meals on an icy island. Read More
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Dramatic ice sheet collapse 135 thousand years ago triggered strong global climate change

Posted by External 21 days ago General — The climatic events that ended the ice age before last are surprisingly different to those of the last ice age, an international team of scientists has found. These findings will help scientists understand the processes that control Earth's dramatic climate changes at the end of an ice age. Read More
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