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Fourth wheat gene is key to flowering, climate adaptation

Posted by External 83 days ago General — A fourth wheat gene governing vernalization -- the biological process requiring cold temperatures to trigger flower formation -- has been identified, giving plant breeders one more tool for developing improved varieties of wheat that are adaptable to climate change. Read More
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Quasi-sexual gene transfer drives genetic diversity of hot spring bacteria

Posted by External 183 days ago General — New work from a multidisciplinary team of scientists used massive DNA sequencing of bacterial populations that grow in the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park to determine their genetic diversity and explore the underlying evolutionary dynamics. They found an unexpectedly high degree of sharing and exchange of genetic material between the tiny, green, photosynthetic cyanobacteria Synechococc Read More
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Gene regulation underlies the evolution of social complexity in bees

Posted by External 198 days ago General — Explaining the evolution of insect society, with sterile society members displaying extreme levels of altruism, has long been a major scientific challenge, dating back to Charles Darwin's day. A new genomic study of 10 species of bees representing a spectrum of social living -- from solitary bees to those in complex, highly social colonies -- offers new insights into the genetic changes that acco Read More
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'Big Brain' Gene Found in Humans, Not Chimps

Posted by External 275 days ago General — A single gene that is found only in Homo species may partly explain why the human neocortex, the seat of higher cognitive functions, is so large. Read More
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Big-data analysis reveals gene sharing in mice

Posted by External 346 days ago General — Scientists have detected at least three potential hybridization events that likely shaped the evolutionary paths of 'old world' mice, two in recent times and one in the ancient past. The researchers think these instances of introgressive hybridization -- a way for genetic material and, potentially, traits to be passed from one species to another through interspecific mating -- are only the first Read More
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BRCA Gene Mutations Linked to Salivary Gland Cancer

Posted by External 428 days ago General — Genetic mutations that put people at high risk for breast cancer may also be linked to an increased risk of salivary gland cancer, a new study suggests. Read More
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Novel gene for salt tolerance found in wild soybean

Posted by External 497 days ago General — A gene of wild soybean linked to salt tolerance has been discovered by researchers, with implication for improving this important crop to grow in saline soil. This study provides an effective strategy to unveil novel genomic information for crop improvement. Read More
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Is There a Happiness Gene?

Posted by External 498 days ago General — A new study found that the greater a nation’s genetic distance is from Denmark, the lower its reported wellbeing is. Read More
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