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Diverse gene pool critical for tigers' survival, say experts

Posted by External 1 day 22 hours ago General — Increasing tigers' genetic diversity -- via interbreeding and other methods -- and not just their population numbers may be the best solution to saving this endangered species, according to research. Iconic symbols of power and beauty, wild tigers may roam only in stories someday soon. Their historical range has been reduced by more than 90 percent. But conservation plans that focus only on incre Read More
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Mood Gene: What Makes Some People Prone to Depression

Posted by External 24 days ago General — Why do some people sail through life's difficulties, while others get mired in depression? A certain gene may explain such differences between people, a new study suggests. Read More
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A single gene, doublesex, controls wing mimicry in butterflies

Posted by External 43 days ago General — A single gene regulates the complex wing patterns, colors and structures required for mimicry in swallowtail butterflies, report scientists. Surprisingly, the gene described, doublesex, is already well-known for its critical role in sexual differentiation in insects. Read More
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Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Risk in People with Specific Gene

Posted by External 73 days ago General — People who have a certain variant of a gene may face an increased risk of Parkinson's disease if they are exposed to pesticides, according to a new study. Read More
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7,000-Year-Old Human Bones Suggest New Date for Light-Skin Gene

Posted by External 81 days ago General — An ancient hunter-gatherer from Spain had blue eyes and dark skin, suggesting that light skin evolved much later in Europe than previously thought. Read More
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Gene Therapy Improves Vision for Some with Rare Disease

Posted by External 92 days ago General — Two adults with a rare disease that causes gradual loss of eyesight had their vision improved after being treated with a new gene therapy, according to preliminary results from a new study. Read More
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Explainer: What is Gene Therapy? (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 141 days ago General — Every now and again you might read about gene therapy and efforts to correct serious genetic diseases. But I’m betting that very few readers have had gene therapy, nor have they ever met anyone who has, nor will they ever meet that many. Read More
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RNA controls splicing during gene expression, further evidence of 'RNA world' origin in modern life

Posted by External 162 days ago General — RNA is the key functional component of spliceosomes, molecular machines that control how genes are expressed, report scientists. The discovery establishes that RNA, not protein, is responsible for catalyzing this fundamental biological process and enriches the hypothesis that life on Earth began in a world based solely on RNA. Read More
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