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Food Additives Linked to Weight Gain, Inflammation

Posted by External 3 days ago General — Food Additives Linked to Weight Gain, Inflammation Read More
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Climate change and food security - follow John Ingram's recent talk at the IIED

Posted by External 14 days ago General — Dr John Ingram was the special guest for an IIED Critical Theme on 12 February 2015. The seminar focused on environmental change, food security and food system activities, and highlights can be followed on storify. 13/02/15 13 Feb 2015 - Read More
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Toddler Foods Have as Much Salt as Junk Food

Posted by External 26 days ago General — Premade food for toddlers is frequently high in salt and sugar, sometimes at levels that match adult junk food, a new study finds. These foods could be setting kids up for a lifetime of health struggles. Read More
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Renewable biofuel production avoids competition with food resources

Posted by External 27 days ago General — The efficient production of both biofuel and animal feed from one crop is now possible, and can be done on a farm without the need for off-site processes. The research demonstrates the practical potential of an alternative to fossil fuels that does not compete with food resources. Read More
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Food Industry has long way to go when it comes to using recyclable and compostable packaging

Posted by External 29 days ago General — Let's face it: We are people who consume many of our meals on the go. That means we're not eating on real plates or bowls but out of plastic containers and paper boxes. And perhaps daily, we drink our coffees and sodas out of plastic or plastic-lined paper cups. Overall, Americans recycle at the lamentable rate of 34.5 percent and recycle plastic packaging at the even measlier rate of 14 Read More
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Scientists Use Knowledge from the Food Industry to Understand Mass Extinction

Posted by External 29 days ago General — The close of the Permian Period around 250 million years ago saw Earth's biggest extinction ever. At this time large volcanic eruptions were occurring in what is now Siberia. The volcanoes pumped out gases that led to acid rain. Falling on the supercontinent Pangaea, the acid rain killed off end-Permian forests. The demise of forests led to soil erosion and the production of organic-rich sediment Read More
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Chitosan: Sustainable alternative for food packaging

Posted by External 49 days ago General — A material known as chitosan, made from crustacean shells, has been used to substitute petroleum by-products in food packaging. The environment is seriously affected by the use of food packaing: plastic bottles and films are present everywhere in our civilization and take between 100 and 400 years to degrade. So the quest for alternative materials to plastics produced from petroleum is an environ Read More
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Production of 500 daily litres of bioethanol from food waste

Posted by External 54 days ago General — From waste generated in the processing of cereals, scientists have produced bioenergy in the form of ethanol, and designed a prototype plant that generates 500 litres of bioethanol a day. Read More
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