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Many Doctors Would Work While Sick with Flu, Fever

Posted by External 48 days ago General — Nearly all doctors in a new study say they would go to work while sick with a cold, and more than a third say they would work if they had the flu. Read More
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New Flu Shot Addresses Last Year's Shortcomings

Posted by External 68 days ago General — This season's flu vaccine has arrived. Read More
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New Flu Vaccine Could Protect Against All Strains

Posted by External 129 days ago General — Animal testing of a new flu vaccine finds that the cocktail protects against influenza strains not included in the original mix. Clinical trials could begin in about a year, the researchers say. Read More
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Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy: New Findings May Explain Link

Posted by External 149 days ago General — The swine flu vaccine was linked with an increase in narcolepsy cases in Europe, and now researchers may have figured out why. Read More
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Here's What Went Wrong with Last Year's Flu Vaccine

Posted by External 155 days ago General — The flu shot didn't work so great this past season, and now researchers say they know why. Read More
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Why Your Next Flu Shot Will Be Different

Posted by External 176 days ago General — Next season's flu shot will contain two new flu strains not present in last season's shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More
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US Bird Flu Outbreak in Poultry: Workers at Higher Risk, CDC Warn

Posted by External 178 days ago General — The chance that a person will get bird flu in the United States is low, but those who come into close contact with infected birds may be at higher risk of infection, the CDC warned today. Read More
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Dog Flu Outbreak: What You Need to Know

Posted by External 224 days ago General — The outbreak of flu that has sickened thousands of dogs in the Midwest is a new strain that likely came from Asia, experts say. Read More
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