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Have you ever considered eating cockroaches for dinner? Food Systems Programme Manager, Anita Ghosh, writes for the Royal Society after last week's Policy Lab event.

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Eating Yogurt May Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Posted by External 76 days ago General — Eating yogurt four or five times a week may lower the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found. Read More
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Smart Bra Aims to Reign In Unhealthy Eating

Posted by External 138 days ago General — Researchers at Microsoft are attempting to create a bra that can detect the wearers mood, and prevent them from engaging in emotional eating. Read More
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Is Eating DNA Safe? (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 138 days ago General — Eating DNA sounds scary but it’s completely safe. I do it every day. Let me explain. Read More
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Thanksgiving Myth Busted: Eating Turkey Won't Make You Sleepy

Posted by External 147 days ago General — The turkey myth stems from the fact that turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which forms the basis of brain chemicals that make people sleepy. But consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and alcohol may be the real cause of a post-Thanksgiving-mea Read More
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Mom was right, eating a good breakfast IS important!

Posted by External 158 days ago General — How many times have you been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Or don't skip breakfast? And, is eating more protein important to weight control? Think Dukan Diet and Atkins. The University of Missouri has the data to prove that this advice is sound. While Americans generally c Read More
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Eating Disorders in Boys May Show Up as Muscles

Posted by External 169 days ago General — In teen boys, disordered eating may be centered on being muscular or buff, which could mean practitioners miss boys' dangerous behaviors such as taking untested supplements or steroids. Read More
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Can New Wristband 'Sense' What You're Eating?

Posted by External 176 days ago General — A new activity tracker claims to be able to analyze what you eat using a sensor on the wrist — no food diaries needed — but experts are skeptical of the claim. Read More
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