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Pot Death: Teen Leaps 4 Stories After Eating Marijuana Cookie

Posted by External 9 days ago General — A teenager in Colorado died after consuming an entire marijuana cookie that contained 6 servings of marijuana's active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), according to a new report. Read More
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Americans Aren't Eating Their Fruits and Vegetables (Infographic)

Posted by External 23 days ago General — A majority of the U.S. population isn't eating the federally recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Read More
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Eating Brains: Cannibal Tribe Evolved Resistance to Fatal Disease

Posted by External 50 days ago General — Some members of a cannibalistic tribe in Papua New Guinea carry a gene that appears to protect against a fatal brain disease. Read More
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Eating Nuts IS good for you!

Posted by External 51 days ago General — It‘s not often that a simple, doable thing comes along that’s also incredibly good for you, but I think this is it: eat a half a handful of nuts every day.According to a new study out of the Netherlands, just 10 grams (about a third of an ounce) of nuts or peanuts (technically a legume) a day leads to a lower risk of death from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseas Read More
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Eating the Placenta: Some Celebrities Do It, But Should You?

Posted by External 58 days ago General — "Yummy...PLACENTA pills!" Kourtney Kardashian wrote in a recent Instagram post. But is eating the placenta a good idea? Read More
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Soy: It's good for eating, baking -- and cleaning up crude oil spills

Posted by External 101 days ago General — If you've studied ingredient labels on food packaging, you've probably noticed that soy lecithin is in a lot of products, ranging from buttery spreads to chocolate cake. Scientists have now found a potential new role for this all-purpose substance: dispersing crude oil spills. Their study could lead to a less toxic way to clean up these environmental messes. Read More
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Bone eating worms dined on marine reptile carcasses

Posted by External 108 days ago General — A species of bone-eating worm that was believed to have evolved in conjunction with whales has been dated back to prehistoric times when it fed on the carcasses of giant marine reptiles. Read More
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Good news! We're eating healthier!

Posted by External 145 days ago General — The big news from the 2015 Natural Products Expo West was that the American consumer is buying healthy foods at volumes never seen before. Health and wellness products are achieving three times the sales growth as conventional food products.A survey conducted by SuperMarket News found that 80 percent of surveyed food-industry wholesalers and retailers had sales growth in health and wellness Read More
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