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Chinese Satellite Spies Possible Malaysia Jet Debris (Photo)

Posted by External 33 days ago General — A Chinese satellite orbiting Earth has captured a new photo of possible debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines jet that disappeared with 239 people on March 8. Read More
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'Gravity'-style space debris threat from giant satellite explored

Posted by External 60 days ago General — Physics students have pointed out that the huge observational satellite Envisat -- which lost contact with Earth in 2012 -- could potentially pose a threat similar to the events which plague Sandra Bullock in the Oscar-nominated sci-fi thriller Gravity. Read More
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What has happened to the tsunami debris from Japan?

Posted by External 61 days ago General — The amount of debris in the ocean is growing exponentially, becoming more and more hazardous and harmful to marine life and therefore to our ocean food source. Measuring and tracking the movements of such debris are still in their infancy. The driftage generated by the tragic 2011 tsunami in Japan gave scientists a unique chance to learn about the effects of the ocean and wind on floating materia Read More
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Ocean Debris Leads the Way for Castaway Fisherman (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 78 days ago General — The fisherman who washed up on the Marshall Islands last weekend was very lucky to have stranded on a remote beach there. Read More
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Tsunami Debris 'Island' Headed for US? NOAA Sets Record Straight

Posted by External 169 days ago General — Debris from the deadly tsunami that struck Japan almost three years ago is drifting across the Pacific Ocean toward North America, and will likely continue to wash onto North American shores over the next few years, according to NOAA. Read More
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Flash floods and debris flows: How to manage nature's runaway freight trains

Posted by External 179 days ago General — Last month's torrential rains and flooding in Colorado made headlines, but there's another, far more common and growing weather-related threat western states are facing in the wake of longer and worsening fire seasons: flash floods and debris flows. These runaway freight trains made of rock, mud, and water can barrel down mountain channels with little or no warning and take out roads, homes, and Read More
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Marine Debris Pollution: Five Lessons Learned This Year (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 203 days ago General — Americans can do much to reduce the trash that winds up in the oceans. Read More
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Debris flows on Arctic sand dunes are similar to dark dune spot-seepage flows on Mars

Posted by External 230 days ago General — Scientists have demonstrated that frozen water in the form of snow or frost can melt to form debris flows on sunward-facing slopes of sand dunes in the Alaskan arctic at air temperatures significantly below the melting point of water. The debris flows consist of sand mixed with liquid water that cascade down steep slopes. Read More
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