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As Patients Create Art, They Recover

Posted by External 8 days ago General — The future of rehabilitation may be as much about art as science. Read More
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Scientists create new battery that's cheap, clean, rechargeable ... and organic

Posted by External 68 days ago General — Scientists have developed a rechargeable battery that is all organic and could be scaled up easily for use in power plants where it can make the energy grid more resilient and efficient by creating a large-scale means to store energy for use as needed. The batteries could pave the way for renewable energy sources to make up a greater share of the nation's energy generation. Read More
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UCLA students create website to inform on toxic emissions

Posted by External 76 days ago General — A team of seven UCLA environmental science students has created a website that shows how emissions from local factories are impacting air quality in Los Angeles County. Cal EcoMaps, launched this month, features an interactive map with detailed information about 172 facilities representing the top four emitting industries — petroleum, primary m Read More
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Double Vision: Twin Artists Create Curved, Lifelike Landscapes

Posted by External 87 days ago General — Ryan and Trevor Oakes have an unusual talent. The twin brothers have developed a method of creating lifelike, perceptual drawings on a curved canvass. Read More
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Marine scientists create world’s first global jellyfish database

Posted by External 108 days ago General — An international study has led to the creation of the world’s first global database of jellyfish records to map jellyfish populations in the oceans. The debate regarding future trends, and subsequent ecological, biogeochemical and societal impacts, of jellyfish and jellyfish blooms in a changing ocean is hampered by a lack of information about jellyfish biomass and distribution from which to comp Read More
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Did da Vinci Create a 3D 'Mona Lisa'?

Posted by External 120 days ago General — When placed side by side, Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' and another version of the famous painting in Prado seem to form a stereoscopic, or 3D, image, though the researchers aren't sure if the painter-inventor internationally created such a pair. Read More
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Join new Yardmap project to create bird habitat

Posted by External 121 days ago General — The backyard is far more than a place to install a pool, hold a barbecue, or toss a Frisbee. The sum of all North American yards and neighborhood green spaces equals major habitat for birds and other wildlife. Creating larger, connected patches of bird-friendly habitat is one goal of the new YardMap citizen-science project. The project has undergone extensive testing by 10,000 users who created m Read More
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Itty-Bitty Algae Create Colorful Currents Near Namibia

Posted by External 124 days ago General — Phytoplankton and bacterial byproducts dye the ocean green and yellow in a new satellite image of the Namibian coast. The yellow swirls seen in the water can be deadly to fish. Read More
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