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Boosting farm yields to restore habitats could create greenhouse gas 'sink'

Posted by External 30 days ago General — Study using UK data is first to show raising farm yields and reclaiming 'spared' land for woodlands and wetlands could offset greenhouse gas produced by farming to meet national target of 80 percent emissions reduction by 2050. Realizing this potential requires new polices promoting both sustainable increases in farm yields and sparing land for climate mitigation. Reducing meat consumption and fo Read More
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Professor Dariusz Wójcik has been awarded a grant by the Regional Studies Association to create a Research Network on Financial Geographies

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Funds awarded to create a new programme on integrating renewable energy

Posted by External 34 days ago General — Dr Nick Eyre will co-direct a new Oxford Martin Programme which will look at the technical, market and policy requirements of integrating renewables across a wide range of scales, resource types and contexts. 08/12/15 08 Dec 2015 - read more + Read More
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Take the PASTA survey to help create a healthier, more active urban population through healthy transport planning

Posted by External 50 days ago General — The PASTA (Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches) project, is running a two-year survey which looks at the travel patterns of up to 14,000 people in seven cities across Europe. 26/03/15 26 March 2015 - Read More
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