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Underwater Avalanche! Melting Ice Caps Could Trigger Tsunamis

Posted by External 828 days ago General — Manmade global warming could lead to the melting of Earth's ice caps, which could cause rapid sea level rise. The shift in water onto the margins of the continents could cause underwater landslides that themselves can trigger tsunamis. Read More
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Update: California Carbon Caps and Market Trading

Posted by External 1044 days ago General — Carbon allowances are now available for sale in California. Companies that emit more than 25,000 tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent a year (CO2e) in the power, oil, and industrial sectors will now have to turn in permits for every ton they emit this year and the years to come. Things are moving fast in California right now, so here’s a primer on what’s happening and what to expect for Read More
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Ice Caps and Glaciers Contend for Biggest Loser Award

Posted by External 1374 days ago General — There are few things on Earth that have undergone a more dramatic weight loss than the world's ice caps and glaciers. According to a recent study, they have lost about 150 billion tons per year from 2003 to 2010. Such a large quantity of ice has translated to a 0.4 millimeter rise in sea levels each year. At this rate, it will take 2,500 years for sea levels to rise one meter. However, indica Read More
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Polar Ice Caps Can Recover from Warmer Climate-Induced Melting, Study Shows

Posted by External 1559 days ago General — ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2011) — A growing body of recent research indicates that, in Earth's warming climate, there is no "tipping point," or threshold warm temperature, beyond which polar sea ice cannot recover if temperatures come back down. New University of Washington research indicates that even if Earth warmed enough to melt all polar sea ice, the ice could recover if the planet cooled Read More
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NASA Study Shows Melting Ice Caps are Largest Contributor to Higher Seas

Posted by External 1720 days ago General — The news just seems to be getting worse and worse coming out of the Arctic and Antarctic. The melting of ice is not appearing to let up, and is in fact, getting faster. A new NASA-funded satellite study shows that the two biggest ice sheets on Earth — Greenland and Antarctica — are losing mass at an accelerating rate. This is the longest study ever conducted to analyze changing ice Read More
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