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Sexual selection isn't the last word on bird plumage

Posted by External 8 hours ago General — Evolutionary changes have led to both sexes becoming closer together in color over time to blend into their surroundings and hide from predators, a new study has found. Read More
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Full-annual-cycle models track migratory bird populations throughout the year

Posted by External 22 days ago General — Many birds spend only a few months of the year in their breeding range before leaving to spend the winter in another region or even on another continent, and models that only make use of data from one season may not paint a complete picture. For this reason, researchers have written the first comprehensive review of the different types of full-annual-cycle modeling approaches available to ecologi Read More
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'Extinct' bird rediscovered: Last seen in 1941

Posted by External 22 days ago General — A scientific team has rediscovered a bird previously thought to be extinct. Jerdon's babbler (Chrysomma altirostre) had not been seen in Myanmar since July 1941, where it was last found in grasslands near the town of Myitkyo, Bago Region near the Sittaung River. Read More
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Flu Shot May Give You a Boost Against Bird Flu

Posted by External 38 days ago General — The seasonal flu vaccine may provide a bit of protection against a strain of bird flu virus, a new study suggests. Read More
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How the yellowhammer bird became a Kiwi: From hero to villain in 15 years

Posted by External 68 days ago General — Yellowhammers are small, colorful and apparently innocuous birds, but they were once considered to be enemies by farmers in New Zealand. Yellowhammers were introduced there to help fight insect crop pests, but instead became pests themselves. A new study uses newspapers and documents from the 19th century to reconstruct the history of how the yellowhammer went from hero to villain in New Zealand Read More
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Roller coaster geese: Insights into high altitude bird flight physiology and biomechanics

Posted by External 70 days ago General — A study of the migratory biology of bar-headed geese, during their high altitude flights across the Tibetan plateau and Himalayan Mountains, has revealed how these birds cope with flying in the relatively low-density mountain atmosphere. The study shows that the geese perform a 'roller coaster' ride through the mountains, tracking the underlying terrain even if this means repeatedly shedding hard Read More
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Are human behaviors affecting bird communities in residential areas?

Posted by External 79 days ago General — A new study shows that habitat alteration may be less important than other factors-- such as human behavior-- in driving the effects of "exurban" development on bird communities. These unexpected results are fueling more questions that may ultimately lead to informed landowners lessening their impacts on local wildlife. Read More
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New bird species confirmed 15 years after first observation

Posted by External 123 days ago General — Biologists have confirmed the discovery of a new bird species more than 15 years after the elusive animal was first seen. Read More
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