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From hummingbird to owl: New research decodes bird family tree

Posted by External 46 days ago General — The rapid extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago gave rise to a stunning variety of bird species over the next few million years, according to new research. Read More
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How will offshore wind farms affect bird populations?

Posted by External 60 days ago General — Offshore wind farms which are to be built in waters around the UK could pose a greater threat to protected populations of gannets than previously thought, research led by the University of Leeds says.It was previously thought that gannets, which breed in the UK between April and September each year, generally flew well below the minimum height of 22 metres above sea level swept by the blades of o Read More
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Bird Mummy's Secret: Why Raptor Was Force-Fed by Ancient Egyptians

Posted by External 75 days ago General — A new autopsy reveals that overeating choked and killed an unfortunate raptor from ancient Egypt. Scientists suspect that Egyptians force-fed the bird so they could offer it to the sun god Ra as a votive mummy. Read More
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Warming impacting bird populations in Hawai'i

Posted by External 130 days ago General — Hawai‘i, the name alone elicits images of rhythmic traditional dancing, breathtaking azure sea coasts and scenes of vibrant birds flitting through lush jungle canopy. Unfortunately, the future of many native Hawaiian birds looks grim as diseases carried by mosquitoes are due to expand into higher elevation safe zones.A new study published in Global Change Biology, by researchers at the U.S. Ge Read More
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Temperature a dominant influence on bird diversity loss in Mexico

Posted by External 143 days ago General — A wide-ranging study of gains and losses of populations of bird species across Mexico in the 20th century shows shifts in temperature due to global climate change are the primary environmental influence on the distributions of bird species. Read More
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Nation's weather radar network used to track bird migration at night

Posted by External 150 days ago General — Using the nation's weather radar network, two doctoral students have developed a technique for forecasting something other than the weather: the orientation behavior of birds as they migrate through the atmosphere at night. The students have discovered a way to use the latest dual-polarization radar upgrade to measure broad-scale flight orientation of nocturnal migrant birds -- a promising develo Read More
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Past water patterns drive present wading bird numbers

Posted by External 155 days ago General — Wading bird numbers in the Florida Everglades are driven by water patterns that play out over multiple years according to a new study. Previously, existing water conditions were seen as the primary driving factor affecting numbers of birds, but this research shows that the preceding years' water conditions and availability are equally important. Read More
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Photos: Dinosaur-Era Bird Sported Ribbonlike Feathers

Posted by External 178 days ago General — A bird with spotted, ribbonlike tail feathers once flew around the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, a new study finds. Read More
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