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Bird 'backpacks' put wood thrush migration on the map

Posted by External 1 day 19 hours ago General — Researchers have created the first migratory connectivity map produced for a songbird, using tracking from both breeding and winter sites. They were able to trace the route taken by wood thrushes from North America using bird 'backpacks'. They discovered that wood thrushes from Canada don't migrate to the same areas as their southern neighbors, and actually have a longer migratory route. The map Read More
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Precipitation, not warming temperatures, may be key in bird adaptation to climate change

Posted by External 11 days ago General — A new model analyzing how birds in western North America will respond to climate change suggests that for most species, regional warming is not as likely to influence population trends as will precipitation changes. "In general, our study suggests that if climate change results in winters with less precipitation, we likely will see a spring drying effect," one researcher said. "This means that po Read More
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Flower's bellows organ blasts pollen at bird pollinators

Posted by External 19 days ago General — A small tree or shrub found in mountainous Central and South American rainforests has a most unusual relationship with the birds that pollinate its flowers, according to a new study. The plant known as Axinaea offers up its male reproductive organs as a tempting and nutritious food source for the birds. As the birds seize those bulbous stamens with their beaks, they are blasted with pollen by the Read More
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Stones in bird baths are a GOOD idea!

Posted by External 32 days ago General — Turns out that stones in the bird bath are more than just an aesthetic element. In fact, they may even save a life. "This morning a little bird was flapping his wings frantically in the bird bath," said Crystal Carvotta-Brown, a cat rescue volunteer in Massachusetts. "At first I thought he was just cleaning his feathers but then I realized that he wa Read More
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Conditions linked to deadly bird flu revealed: High risk areas identified

Posted by External 32 days ago General — A dangerous strain of avian influenza, H7N9, that's causing severe illness and deaths in China may be inhabiting a small fraction of its potential range and appears at risk of spreading to other suitable areas of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, according to a new study. Read More
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Oil, gas development homogenizing core-forest bird communities

Posted by External 63 days ago General — Conventional oil and gas development in northern Pennsylvania altered bird communities, and the current massive build-out of shale-gas infrastructure may accelerate these changes, according to researchers. The commonwealth's Northern Tier -- one of the largest blocks of Eastern deciduous forest in the entire Appalachian region -- is an important breeding area for neotropical migrant songbirds. Th Read More
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Bird invaders 'moving in' to UK's nature reserves

Posted by External 70 days ago General — Nature reserves and other areas specially protected for wildlife, as well as being vital for native species, are very important for helping European birds to expand their ranges into Britain naturally.  The catch is that protected areas are also at increasing risk of invasion by species that have been introduced from further afield. Read More
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Environmental conditions may impact bird migration

Posted by External 70 days ago General — Wind conditions during spring migration may be a predictor of apparent annual survival and the timing of breeding in yellow warblers. Migratory birds play a critical role in the ecosystem, pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, and consuming insects and small mammals. Yellow warblers breed in western Canada and overwinter in Mexico, making them difficult to study during all stages of their annual Read More
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