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Young chum salmon may get biggest nutrition boost from Elliott Bay restored beaches

Posted by External 75 days ago General — Researchers have found the types of organisms in Seattle's Elliott Bay change depending on the shoreline nearby, either armored or restored beaches. Young chum salmon adjusted their diets based on these changes. Read More
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Catastrophic Volcanoes Blamed for Earth's Biggest Extinction

Posted by External 94 days ago General — Catastrophic volcanic eruptions about 250 million years ago spewed enough lava to cover Australia, triggering Earth's worst mass extinction, in which 90 percent of sea creatures were wiped off the face of the planet, scientists say. Read More
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Why New York takes biggest slice of asset pie

Posted by External 102 days ago General — The current Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography is mentioned in a Financial Times article based on a paper by Prof Dariusz W√≥jcik and Dr Duncan MacDonald-Korth. 20/08/15 20 Aug 2015 - Read More
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Volunteers needed for the biggest ever conference on economic geography

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Human Evolution's Biggest Questions May Find Answers in New Analysis

Posted by External 131 days ago General — A huge database of human fossils suggests hobbits were a separate human species and the recently unearthed species Australopithecus sediba may be the ancestor of the human lineage, say researchers who point out their findings will surely be controversial. Read More
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A third of the world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress

Posted by External 167 days ago General — Two new studies show that civilization is rapidly draining some of its largest groundwater basins, yet there is little to no accurate data about how much water remains in them. Read More
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Biggest Ring Around Saturn Just Got Supersized

Posted by External 170 days ago General — Saturn's giant newfound ring is even larger than previously thought, spanning an area of skynearly 7,000 times larger than Saturn itself, researchers say. Read More
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Colorado's biggest storms can happen any time, study shows

Posted by External 194 days ago General — In a state known for its dramatic weather and climate, Colorado's history of extreme precipitation varies considerably by season and location, according to a new study. Decision makers -- often facing increased pressure to consider climate change information -- typically turn to historical averages to understand when and where extreme rain, hail and snow happen in the state. But those averages of Read More
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