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Dr Richard Powell appeared as an Expert Witness before the House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic this morning.

Posted by External 24 days ago General — The evidence sessions aim to examine key issues for the Arctic including shipping, opportunities for energy resource extraction and the role of Russia in the Arctic. Richard Powell is a specialist in historical and polar geography and last June, he received the RGS-IBG Gill Memorial Award for his research. 07/10/14 07 Oct 2014 - Read More
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While the Arctic is melting, the Gulf Stream remains

Posted by External 25 days ago General — A new study published Sunday in Nature Geoscience documents that the source of fresher Nordic Seas since 1950 is rooted in the saline Atlantic as opposed to Arctic freshwater that is the common inference. This is an important finding as it shows that the Gulf Stream is not about to short circuit. A halting Gulf Stream has been a concern with ongoing climate change; its collapse was taken to the e Read More
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With few data, Arctic carbon models lack consensus

Posted by External 35 days ago General — As climate change grips the Arctic, how much carbon is leaving its thawing soil and adding to Earth's greenhouse effect? The question has long been debated by scientists. A new study conducted as part of NASA's Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE) shows just how much work still needs to be done to reach a conclusion on this and other basic questions about the region where Read More
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2014 Arctic sea ice minimum sixth lowest on record

Posted by External 38 days ago General — Arctic sea ice coverage continued its below-average trend this year as the ice declined to its annual minimum on Sept. 17, according to new research. Read More
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Arctic sea ice helps remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere, study shows

Posted by External 39 days ago General — Climate change is a fact, and most of the warming is caused by human activity. The Arctic is now so warm that the extent of sea ice has decreased by about 30 percent in summer and in winter, sea ice is getting thinner. New research has shown that sea ice removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If Arctic sea ice is reduced, we may therefore be facing an increase of atmospheric concentration of Read More
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Arctic Cod fishery recovery aided by Norway and Russia

Posted by External 42 days ago General — The prime cod fishing grounds of North America have been depleted or wiped out by overfishing and poor management. But in Arctic waters, Norway and Russia are working cooperatively to sustain a highly productive — and profitable - northern cod fishery. What years of dwelling in the cold Atlantic had amassed, an army of knife-wielding, white-suite Read More
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NASA Keeping Close Eye on Arctic Climate

Posted by External 43 days ago General — Three NASA science missions traveled the Alaskan way in summer 2014, soaring above Arctic sea ice, piloting over permafrost and gliding past mountain glaciers. Read More
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Antarctica Nearing Sea Ice Record High, But Arctic Ice Still Shrinking

Posted by External 44 days ago General — For an unprecedented third year in a row, Antarctica's sea ice is poised to smash a new winter record, but Arctic summer sea ice hit its sixth lowest minimum. Read More
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