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Arctic ice growth doesn't disprove climate change

Posted by External 4 days ago General — New data shows that in 2013 Arctic ice actually grew rather than retreating as climate change models had predicted. Far from proving climate change is a myth or that ice retreat has ended, as skeptics are now claiming, this reveals something much more interesting about our warming climate. Read More
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Cracked Bones Reveal Cannibalism by Doomed Arctic Explorers

Posted by External 10 days ago General — The crewmembers of the Franklin Expedition, a doomed Arctic expedition to find a Northwest Passage through Canada, practiced end-stage cannibalism. Read More
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Cool summer of 2013 boosted Arctic sea ice

Posted by External 11 days ago General — The volume of Arctic sea ice increased by a third after the summer of 2013 as the unusually cool air temperatures prevented the ice from melting, according to scientists. This suggests that the ice pack in the Northern hemisphere is more sensitive to changes in summer melting than it is to winter cooling, a finding which will help researchers to predict future changes in its volume. Read More
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Acidic Arctic Ocean Threatens Food Web

Posted by External 15 days ago General — One byproduct of rising carbon-dioxide levels is increasing ocean acidity — a phenomenon that scientists have termed an existential threat to marine life. The waters of the Arctic and the far-north Pacific are particularly prone to acidification as a result of several natural factors, so scientists regard the region as the proverbial canary in the coal mine for the rest of the world's ocean Read More
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2015 Arctic Sea Ice: How Low Will It Go?

Posted by External 25 days ago General — Scientists say the Arctic Sea ice extent in 2015 is likely to be among the lowest on record. Read More
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Tundra study uncovers impact of climate warming in the Arctic

Posted by External 25 days ago General — Significant changes in one of Earth's most important ecosystems are not only a symptom of climate change, but may fuel further warming, research suggests. One of the biggest studies to date of key vegetation in the Arctic tundra provides strong evidence that dramatic changes in the region are being driven by climate warming. Read More
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Gallery: Never-Before-Seen Photos of Colorful Life on Arctic Seafloor

Posted by External 28 days ago General — See the vibrant creatures who dwell on the Arctic Ocean seafloor. Read More
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Colorful Arctic Animals Revealed in Thousands of Undersea Images

Posted by External 28 days ago General — New photographs of deep-sea creatures could hold the key to helping predict climate change. Read More
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