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Severe weather may be linked to Arctic warming

Posted by External 9 days ago General — New evidence has linked Arctic warming with severe weather in countries including the UK and US. The studies are adding to the growing weight of evidence linking increased Arctic temperatures with changes in mid-latitude weather patterns. Read More
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Stunning Total Solar Eclipse Observed Over the Arctic (Photos)

Posted by External 27 days ago General — A stark black disc haloed by streaks of light — a team of scientists captured this image of a total solar eclipse over the Arctic in March. Read More
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First global review of Arctic marine mammals

Posted by External 29 days ago General — A multinational study attempted to gauge the population trends of Arctic marine mammals and changes in their habitat, identify missing scientific information, and provide recommendations for the conservation of Arctic marine mammals over the next decades. Read More
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Observing the solar eclipse over the Arctic

Posted by External 29 days ago General — Scientists braved Arctic weather to successfully observe the total solar eclipse of March 20 from Longyearbyen on the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago east of northern Greenland. Read More
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Whitening the Arctic Ocean: May restore sea ice, but not climate

Posted by External 31 days ago General — Some scientists have suggested that global warming could melt frozen ground in the Arctic, releasing vast amounts of the potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, greatly amplifying global warming. It has been proposed that such disastrous climate effects could be offset by technological approaches. One such proposal is to artificially whiten the surface of the Arctic Ocean in order to i Read More
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Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change

Posted by External 37 days ago General — Researchers need to find ways to measure how the changes in climate are affecting biodiversity. One of the best places to look may be down at our feet, at beetles. That`s because, as a research team discovered after doing the first large-scale survey of Arctic beetles, these six-legged critters are not only abundant in number but also diverse in feeding habits and what they eat is closely linked Read More
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Phytoplankton, reducing greenhouse gases or amplifying Arctic warming?

Posted by External 38 days ago General — Scientists have presented the geophysical impact of phytoplankton that triggers positive feedback in the Arctic warming when the warming-induced melting of sea ice stimulates phytoplankton growth. Read More
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Strong currents promote release of Arctic greenhouse gas

Posted by External 39 days ago General — Ocean and Earth Science researchers reveal how the interplay between ocean currents and marine microbiology serve to regulate potentially damaging emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane, created beneath the Arctic Ocean. Read More
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